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Galactic Geologist – Issue 1

CMDR Madraptor brings you the first edition of Galactic Geologist magazine. Galactic Geologist will bring you up-to-date news of the latest discoveries around the subjects of Organics and Geology within the galaxy. Featured in this issue are an FAQ on Geysers, Fumeroles and Organics; Top 5

Obsidian Orbital Attacked

Following the attack on Obsidian Orbital, Dr Arcanonn made the following statement on behalf of Canonn Council: “Innocent people need rescue, pilots should do what they can. Beyond that, many questions exist about Aegis and its ability to deal with the situation” With Aegis being

Keast & Crighton Comestibles

Agricultural Vessel orbiting Pleiades Sector GW-W c1-15 8 which appears to have been added as a result of a Community Goal for Angeli Imperial Enterprises. Main feature is two sets of biodomes with lighting rigs. Two satellites and a Navigation Beacon are in the area.

Henry Class Bulk Cargo Ship AR-005

A Henry Class Bulk Cargo Ship designation AR-005 can be found at Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 4 a. It has been attacked, the damage looks to be from Thargoids. Many of the cargo units have become detached from the main ship. There is cargo around

Finding Guardian Ruins

History: Initial Discovery The initial Guardian Ruins were found from the star map in a Frontier trailer. At this time we had no way to find ruins other than spotting them visually on the surface, and spent weeks believing this might be the only set

Ram Tah Mission Route

Current Optimal Route: This is a route to complete the Ram Tam mission. Sourced using To find out if anything has changed, click Optimize, and then (detailed) at the top of the page. Click each GR (Guardian Ruin) site number below to go to

Ram Tah’s Mission

This guide describes how to complete a mission that the engineer Ram Tah offers in the Meene system. The mission is an introduction into the Guardian Lore, and a good reason to visit a variety of Guardian Ruins. Starting the mission You need Horizons (you’re