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The Collective

Technology journalist Harlow Nassry has published an article in The Federal Times regarding a mysterious criminal group known only as ‘the Collective’:
“Several recent digital crimes, including the theft of a billion credits from Zachary Rackham, have now been attributed to the Collective. Security forces have launched investigations, but it seems that the name is already well known among hacker communities.”
“The Collective is a group of anti-authority ‘hacktivists’ who believe that all information should be publicly available. It has existed for some years, but until recently its activities have been small scale.”
“Nobody knows the identity of the group’s members, which has no spokespersons or apparent leaders. As anarchists, they delight in flouting the law, believing that all data should be in the public domain – except, of course, data about themselves.”
“Some see the Collective as irresponsible criminals, while others paint them as modern-day Robin Hoods. Either way, as possibly the best hackers in the galaxy, it’s likely we’ll be hearing more about them in the future.”

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