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The Rise of Nova Imperium

A radical group called Nova Imperium is gaining influence throughout the Empire.
Imperial Herald journalist Cassia Carvalho highlighted the situation:
“Nova Imperium claims that to survive the Thargoid conflict, the Empire must sever contact with all other systems and concentrate on protecting itself. In recent months, the organisation has become a genuine political force.”
“The group’s leader is known only as the Imperator. Dressed in an Imperial Navy uniform, he is a charismatic presence who speaks of ‘a return to the honour of the old days’ and ‘the glory of Achenar’.”
“Many traditionalist citizens, unhappy with recent cross-superpower cooperation, have embraced the Imperator’s rhetoric. On several worlds, Nova Imperium’s followers hold rallies with a distinctly martial feel.”
“So far there has been little response from Imperial authorities, but it is clear that Nova Imperium will soon become impossible to ignore.”

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