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Nova Imperium Musters Military Forces

The isolationist group Nova Imperium is reported to be assembling its forces in the Paresa system.
Senator Denton Patreus made this statement:
“We have evidence that this seditious organisation is amassing an armada in its home system. It consists of ships crewed by Imperator Mordanticus’s ex-Navy followers, as well as the private vessels of many misguided citizens.”
“As Admiral of the Fleet, I order Nova Imperium to disperse its forces immediately or face the consequences.”
The Imperial Herald’s Cassia Carvalho commented:
“Widespread support for Hadrian Duval has led to Nova Imperium amassing its fleet in a very short time. The challenge for the Imperial Navy is to quash this threat without it being seen as a massacre of Imperial citizens, which can only fuel further rebellion.”

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