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Federal and Imperial Campaigns End

Supply campaigns for the Federal and Imperial navies have concluded successfully, with traders delivering large amounts of military provisions.
The League of Zearla, acting on behalf of the Federal Navy, stated:
“Many thanks to all the pilots who came through for the Federation. You can now collect your rewards at Payson Hub in the Zearla system.”
An announcement was also made by the Sirsir Co, which coordinated a similar supply campaign for the Imperial Navy:
“You have performed a great service for the Empire. Payments have been authorised at Mitchell Hangar in the Sirsir system.”
Marquis Felix Novantico, a retired military strategist, commented:
“Tensions caused by Nova Imperium have triggered much activity of this kind. But for the Federation to do the same suggests concern about a potentially hostile Empire, should Hadrian Duval claim the throne.”

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