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Ship Theft Mystery Deepens

Mystery continues to surround Gan Romero, the starship technician who single-handedly stole a docked vessel in the Vega system.
Romero’s wife, Lara, agreed to an interview with Vox Galactica:
“I haven’t the faintest idea why Gan took that ship, or how he managed it. It’s totally out of character for him. He’s not impulsive or even ambitious really. Always been the practical type, which is why I married him. I can’t believe that he would do anything like this.”
“Had he been acting strangely? Well, something was on Gan’s mind…I guess you could say he’s been distracted recently. I’ve caught him staring out into space a few times. And his sleep was disturbed by intense dreams, although he never wanted to talk about them.”
“The kids keep asking when their dad is coming home. I just hope the Fort Dixon security services can find some explanation for all this, and bring Gan home to us.”

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