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Optimal Supercruise Flight Paths

We are privileged to have been asked to host Cmdr Heisenberg6626’s study of the Optimal Supercruise Flight Paths, which examines this key element of space travel in detail, and which is best described in his abstract: In this article we investigate the ship dynamics in

Crashed Scout #3

This scout was the third found. It is on Arietis Sector ZE-A d75 Planet 10 A, find it by using the Detail Surface Scanner on the planet to reveal a marker in the Navigation Panel called ‘CRASH SITE’. The site is at the base of

Planet Dave Outpost

This is a small abandoned settlement found on Col 285 Sector ZT-I b25-0 2 A via three Listening Posts in Col 285 sector jj-f c12-10, Col 285 sector hg-f b27-0 and hip 79256. There are five settlement data links that give the sad story of

Umbrella Mollusc

There are several varieties of Umbrella Mollusc to be found around the galaxy – they appear inside Notable Stellar Phenomena. Look for the largest concentration of signals inside the phenomena and you should find them (if they are present) – they are larger than most

Recent Community-created Thargoid Link puzzle

Following is the write-up from LCU No Fool Like One about the recent community-created Thargoid Link puzzle. Congratulations to Commander Ethzero for solving the little puzzle we set to commemorate the departure of Ed Lewis from the Pilot’s Federation. I have been watching with great

Thargoid Message

Thargoid Message A new link message has been received from the Thargoids which some people have said is connected to the departure of Ed Lewis. Due to so many of our commanders suffering gin induced impairment we are appealing to the rest of the Galactic

A Fond Look Back

Below is a video featuring a fond look back at some of the highlights of Ed Lewis being ‘educated’ in the Educating Ed episodes featuring Canonn Research. Also contains a heartfelt message from Ed about community that is sure to melt your hearts. CMDR Starbeaver

Send Off for Ed Lewis

Join us this Thursday evening (31st January 3305) in Alpha Centauri at Hutton Orbital with The Hutton Truckers for an impromptu send off for the brilliant Ed Lewis, a long-term friend of Canonn Research and a hugely important member of the Galactic community. Bring rares, chaff,

Collared Pod

There are several varieties of Collared Pods to be found around the galaxy – they can be found in the same sector as the human bubble, so are relatively easy to visit. They appear inside Notable Stellar Phenomena. Look for the largest concentration of signals