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Thargoid Interceptor Hull Analysis

1. Introduction Some time ago it was discovered that is is possible to repair Thargoid ships with human repair limpets [1].  The discovery opened up the possibility of measuring the properties of Thargoid Interceptor hulls, namely total integrity and Armor Rating.  Recent understanding of Anti-Xeno

Advanced Multi-Cannon Analysis

1. Introduction The galactic community recently decided to support Zende Partners in the development of an Advanced Multi-Cannon (AMC) weapon [1].  Given the usual lack of transparency in weapon documentation, the goal of this study was to characterize the Anti-Xeno (AX) properties of this newly

SLF Damage Partition Analysis

1. Executive Summary The focus of this study is the detailed analysis of Ship Launched Fighter (SLF) damage partitions, namely the analysis of damage characteristics of Anti-Xeno (AX) fighters.  This study draws on the analysis of AX weapon damage partitions that was recently conducted [1]. 

AX Weapon Damage Partitions

1. Introduction There has been recent success in using rigorous mathematical techniques to accurately estimate the damage partitioning of human weapons, such as Plasma Accelerators and Railguns [1].  Information from the weapon damage partitioning study and similar mathematical techniques were leveraged to get accurate estimates

Thargoid Interceptor Shield Analysis

1. Introduction The subject of this article is the accurate estimation of Thargoid Interceptor shield strength.  An initial analysis was carried out to estimate these values and is referenced here in its entirety [1].  Given the success of the mathematical techniques used to accurately estimate

Weapon Damage Partition Analysis

1. Executive Summary The partition of the different types of damage (i.e. thermal, kinetic, absolute) has been determined for Railguns, Incendiary Multi-Cannons, and Plasma Accelerators.  The results are summarized in the table below. The community has long suspected that Railguns have a damage partition of

Trading Vessel MD-004

This is a crashed Anaconda and temporary outpost found in HIP 83003 on planet 6 a. It has three uplinks, plus a datapoint that give encoded data materials. There are manufactured materials scattered around (all low grade). The message numbers imply that there are other

Optimal Supercruise Flight Paths

We are privileged to have been asked to host Cmdr Heisenberg6626’s study of the Optimal Supercruise Flight Paths, which examines this key element of space travel in detail, and which is best described in his abstract: In this article we investigate the ship dynamics in

Crashed Scout #3

This scout was the third found. It is on Arietis Sector ZE-A d75 Planet 10 A, find it by using the Detail Surface Scanner on the planet to reveal a marker in the Navigation Panel called ‘CRASH SITE’. The site is at the base of