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Conflict in Ross 310

Conflict has erupted between Ross 310 Natural Services, the controlling faction of the Ross 310 system, and the Ross 310 Cartel, a criminal organisation also based in Ross 310. It is understood that the Ross 310 Cartel is attempting to overthrow Ross 310 Natural Services

Thargoid Sites Go Quiet

Admiral Aden Tanner, Aegis’s chief military liaison, has released a statement concerning the Thargoid structures currently under surveillance in the Pleiades Nebula. “Undoubtedly, the most positive outcome of our Eagle Eye initiative is that it has allowed us to determine which locations the Thargoids intend

Coalition of Othime Campaign Concludes

The Coalition of Othime has announced that its campaign to build a new asteroid base has received the wholehearted support of the galactic community. Hundreds of pilots supported the appeal by delivering commodities to Levi Montalcini Dock and by eliminating agitators in Othime, thereby ensuring

The Purge of Socho

Following reports of Thargoid incursions into the core systems, Aegis Core has launched a counter-Thargoid operation in the Socho region. A spokesperson for Aegis Core gave the following statement to the media: “The goal is simple: Take out Thargoid vessels, gather up the pieces, and

Non Human Signal Sources in Huveang De

Local security services in the Huveang De system have announced today that there have been no new sightings of Thargoids over the last 24 hours. The head of local security forces released the following statement: “We do not know why the Thargoids appeared in our

Thargoid Surveillance Continues

According to Aegis, their operation to monitor Thargoid activity in the Pleiades Nebula has already begun to show results. Aegis released the following statement on behalf of Admiral Aden Tanner, their chief military liaison: “The new Eagle Eye installations are a success, they have identified

Starport Status Update

This report presents the latest data on starports experiencing technical issues as a result of Thargoid Sensor related interference. The following starports are on the brink of closure: Elion Platform, Kamahu Corte-Real Terminal, 19 Phi-2 Ceti Kurland Hub, Belarsuk Paulmier de Gonneville Escape, Col 285

Thargoid Revelations

Aegis has published a report containing significant insights into the Thargoids. The information was provided by the engineer Ram Tah, compiled from recently decrypted logs found at Guardian sites. Key extracts from the report are reprinted below: “The codices indicate that the Thargoids may be

EG Union Campaign

Yuri Grom has announced an initiative to create a new shipyard in the CPC 20 6743 system. The shipyard will produce capital ships with which to defend human space from both human and alien threats. The EG Union, acting on behalf of Yuri Grom, has

Sirius Corp Announces Expansion

The Sirius Corporation has announced that it will be expanding its presence at two locations just outside the core systems. A spokesperson for Sirius made this statement: “For some time now, the amount of traffic passing through both the Ceos and Sothis systems has been