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Starport Attacks Continue

Two further starports have fallen prey to Thargoid attack: Kipling Orbital in the Pleiades Sector KC-V C2-11 and Malthus Terminal in the Pleiades Sector HR-W D1-41. As with previous Thargoid assaults, the attacks have caused significant damage and resulted in huge numbers of casualties. A

Aisling Duval Campaign Concludes

Representatives of Princess Aisling Duval have announced that the Princess’s anti-slavery campaign in the Guuguyni system has come to a successful conclusion. Hundreds of independent combat pilots supported the initiative, taking to their ships to neutralise the slave traders operating in the region. As the

Restoring Order in Wangal

Authorities in the Wangal system have reported a sharp increase in the number of criminals operating in the area. Reports indicate that the agitators are attacking pilots travelling in the system, disrupting trade and generally causing discord. To counter this threat, Angeli Imperial Enterprises has

Simbad Regime Campaign Concludes

A spokesperson for the Simbad Regime has announced that its appeal for construction materials has been enthusiastically received by the galactic community. This has resulted in a massive influx of deliveries to Parmitano Terminal, the organisation’s base of operations. The spokesperson went on to say:

A Vintage to Remember

Angeli Imperial Enterprises has announced an initiative to construct an orbital family restaurant in the Wangal system. The eatery, which will be named DaMorg’s Bar and BBQ, will allow spacers to enjoy the finest food and drinks that Wangal has to offer. In support of

Galactic Geologist – Issue 1

CMDR Madraptor brings you the first edition of Galactic Geologist magazine. Galactic Geologist will bring you up-to-date news of the latest discoveries around the subjects of Organics and Geology within the galaxy. Featured in this issue are an FAQ on Geysers, Fumeroles and Organics; Top 5

Alliance Campaign Comes to an End

The Alliance has announced that its appeal for materials has reached a successful conclusion, having received the unalloyed support of the galactic community. Huge quantities of raw materials were delivered to Bulychev Hub over the past week, which will be used to build an Orbis

Preserving the Sim-Archive

The Utopia movement has announced that the Sim-Archive is to undergo a period of comprehensive maintenance. Pranav Antal, leader of Utopia, elaborated on the nature of the project: “The Sim-Archive is Utopia’s primary achievement – a vast digital repository containing the collective wisdom of all

Ram Tah’s Last Hurrah

Ram Tah, the galaxy’s foremost expert on the Guardians, has revealed that his research funding will soon end. In an effort to make the most of his remaining finances, the engineer has appealed to independent pilots to deliver Guardian artefacts to his base in the

Galactic Leaders Renew Appeals for Aid

Seventeen starports have now been attacked by the Thargoids, resulting in widespread destruction and loss of life. Many of these stations remain in a critical state, and are unable to offer essential services. In response, Federal President Zachary Hudson and Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval have issued