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Mercury 7 Expedition Returns Victorious

The bold adventurers who have participated in the Mercury 7 Expedition (M7E) have now safely returned to the Colonia Region. Named in honour of the seven brave astronauts who flew in Project Mercury (some of the earliest manned spaceflights from Earth in the mid-20th Century), the

CCN Declares Support For Salomé

The announcement that Kahina Tijani Loren, AKA Salomé, is to emerge from hiding on April 29th 3003 has caused intrigue and excitement across the galaxy. The former Senator has promised to expose a huge conspiracy between the superpowers, possibly linked to the alleged alien activity seen in the

Colonia Resource Drive Declared Ore-some Success

The Colonia Council’s call for resources to improve facilities in the Colonia Nebula region has been answered in the most resounding fashion. 208 pilots rushed to mineral-rich locations around Colonia, locating Gold, Gallite and Methanol Monohydrate to sell at Colonia Dream station, working so efficiently and

Chariots of Fire

The third weekend of the 3303 Colonia Olympics is approaching and with two major SRV events its series of funny ‘galactic outdoor sports’ continues. Time for a short roundup what has happened so far and a preview of coming events. “Living out here is always