• Stuck with 4″ PVC pipe due to hard to find 6″ fittings even at plumbing stores. This limits size of batteries and anything that needs to be stored inside the main tube.
  • Motor Pods will be modular and detachable. Use Barrel plugs to make removing the pods easy.
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Control with a Pi camera. Video will be streamed over ethernet.
  • Tether is a ethernet cable. Setup will be a simple ethernet network. ROV will be a server and controller will be a client.
  • Using Bilge pump motors with the casing removed and impeller replaces with a propeller.
  • Looking at SLA batteries that output 12v. Will need to convert to 5v for Pi. pump motors run at 12v currently.
  • Want a totally removable wiring harness. Might not be possible as I need to seal things up.
  • I will need a frame for the ROV something to attach everything to each other. Main Compartment will just hold all the brains and power.







Propeller direction and info on how to make the shaft.

The cut out on the prop is the front side (faces forward) of the prop. Use the best print quality and full fill for the shaft as it takes a lot of force when spinning.

Prop Shaft Mk2

Prop Shaft Mk2 – STL File rov-prop-shaft-mk2